Why owning a pet makes you happier and live longer

Why owning a pet makes you happier and live longer

Why owning a pet makes you happier and live longer

A dog is a great addition to your family. Apart from being furry, adorable, loyal and immensely loving, they have the potential to add a number of years to your life. Yes, you heard it right! Researchers all around the globe have found that adopting a dog will keep you physically and mentally healthy. Studies have shown that having a dog lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease and psychological disorders. Along with prolonging life, it can greatly improve the quality of life as well.

Regular physical activity

We all know of the health benefits of walking. It helps to maintain blood sugar levels, blood pressure and keeps cholesterol and obesity at bay. However, it may become difficult to maintain a regular walk schedule due to hectic work patterns and during winters or rains. Walking a dog will keep you physically active and cheerful. Studies have shown that people who own a dog more regularly participate in physical activity than those who don’t have a dog. Dog owners walk almost twice the amount of time every week compared to non-dog owners. So walking a dog everyday, can benefit your health.

Dogs make you happier

Research conducted in various parts of the world suggests that dogs are capable of raising the levels of hormones in the human body that  result in happiness. This can occur after an interactive session with a dog. Petting your dog or staring into a dog’s eyes can be agreatform of relaxation.

Cope with loneliness

A dog can be the true companion in terms of friendship and loyalty.. When you have a pet, you are responsible for  taking care of your pet, and interacting with it. This in turn can reduce your loneliness and bring great personal satisfaction.

People often develop a healthier body  with pets. Having a dog has also been shown to improve interpersonal relations with family members and to relieve household tension.

Walking your dog in the park also allows people to make new friendships with other peopleand providesan opportunity for social interaction, which can be otherwise missed due to our hectic daily lives.

Adds a sense of responsibility

Yes, it is true. Adopting a dog will make you more responsible. You are in charge of taking care of a living animal. You have to see to it that the dog is well fed, cleaned and have all of your pet’s needs taken care of. It makes you consider someone other than yourself. You are accountable for your pet’s health and well-being. For young children,  this helps nurture parental instincts and a sense of responsibility..

Strengthening human relations

Researchers surveyed various age groups and found that that people who have strong connections to their pets also have social and relationship benefits. People who have strong bonds with their pets feel more connected to their families and communities. Having a pet also helps them nurture stronger relationships with their loved ones and peers. It was also found that the more attached a person was to an animal as a teenager and young adult, the more empathetic and confident he or she was later in life.

Therapy for depression

When you’re down, seeing your dog can instantly elevate your mood. Animal companionship can act as a boon for those coping with depression and other psychological stresses. A dog is faithful and loyaltowards its owner(s)even at the cost of its own life. This is a rare quality, and people often find an extreme sense of affection towards dogs because of this quality.

Dogs have also helped autistic children improve their quality of life by assisting them with chores. There is something known as dog therapy that has worked wonders in patients with psychiatric disabilities.

Reduces stress

A research study was conducted in North Carolina where office employees were allowed to bring their dogs to work. This remarkably reduced the stress levels of the employees. Simply taking a short break to play with your pet or petting a dog after long hours of work can instantly distress you.

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