Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennels

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennels

Most people agree that owning a pet is one of the most satisfying feelings. Pets love you unconditionally and your life is filled with affectionate gestures simply by their presence. Just a simple vision or a cuddle from your pet can make your routine stresses vanish. However, due to hectic schedules or frequent outdoor trips or office visits make it just a dream for many animal lovers. This is because we know that having a pet comes with some responsibilities.

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone took care of your pet in your absence? That way you can enjoy the company of your pet just as you want without worrying about them when you don’t have the time or want to plan an office outing or a family vacation. A simple answer to all these is a caring abode for your pet.
A simple thought that ponders our mind whether or not the pet home or kennel will be able to provide them with abundant love, nurture and care. So how do I choose a pet kennel?
Here is a roadmap to choosing a kennel that will take care of your pet when you are not around.

Locating a kennel
Finding a quality kennel is your prime concern. The best way is to ask your pet’s veterinarian as he/ she is the one to know about kennel options. They are in contact with pet lovers on daily basis and may provide you with a list of good kennels. If you are frequenting a dog park, you can a have a group of people recommending with dog boarding kennel options. You can also do an online search. You go for ones with better reviews and those from local vicinity.

The kennel should be spacious
Once you have shortlisted your probable options, it is crucial that you make a tour on dog boarding kennels. The kennel should be spacious and airy. There should be enough space for each pet and not claustrophobic.

Taking a tour of the kennel…
When you ask the staff to tour the dog boarding kennel, here are some things you should observe. The kennel should have enough lighting and be odour free. It should be clean, not too noisy or smelly. Similar conditions should be present in the playing areas for pets. Also the playing areas must be free from wastes and urine. An overcrowded kennel can make the pets annoyed.If the kennel authorities do not allow for an impromptu tour, it is advisable not to go for that pet home.

The staff should be duly diligent, attentive and caring. The staff should be adequate. It is recommended a staff to a pet ratio is 1:10 (staff: dog). More the number of people the better the petboarding will be looked after. Also you should ask whether some staff patrols at night to check on them. You can also enquire about the working hours of the staff so you know when to pick or drop your pet.

Safety issues
It is always good to look for bent wire, torn fencing or jagged edges. Dogs in pet kennels and daycare should never wear collars. If they are, this is a serious strangulation hazard. And if you have a frail or elderly pet, a kennel housed at a veterinary clinic may be a better option.

In case of medical problem
If your pet has health issues, it will affect your kennel search. Pets may have certain disabilities like blindness or deafness, having handlers that let the animal know they are nearby to avoid startling them can help. These pets will need more personal attention and more time and patience to care for. Pets that suffer from degenerative diseases like arthritis should receive soft bedding on which to rest. Cats with mobility issues may need litter boxes with low sides for easier access. All of this has to bet explained to the authorities and enquired if they have the required facilities. A dog boarding kennel should only be finalised after this.

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