Dog Food Habits

Today am writing on dog food habbits. The owner of the dog has to make sure that healthy eating habits are inculcated in his or her pet from its early age. Most importantly, you ought to restrict your pets from the below few foods, no matter how adorably they beg with their puppy face. They are chocolate, fatty and raw meat, salty foods, garlic, onion, some dairy products like cheese, ice cream, any butter, raw eggs, grapes, raisins, chewing gums, candies, refined flour or maida. #dogfood
Now it must have kept you thinking what all are the options that are left to you. There are plenty ! It isn’t necessary to splurge largely on dog’s food. The best staple food for any dog is curd rice or egg rice .

You may even add few kibbles of commercial food to maintain the nutrition value. Most of the owners complain about their dogs getting bored with this staple food. Don’t worry, I have got an easy solution to your problem. Mix some pieces of wheat chapati I keep changing these add ons every other day to keep Leo (my friend) excited for his meals.
These days I am adding gravies too which are beneficial for his coat and keeps his bones strong and also provide him with necessary vitamins. You all may try it too. They are available in almost every pet shop in sachets . Add a spoon or two of this (according to your pet’s weight) and see your furry friend relishing it. Kindly let us know if that works for your pets…

Author – Trupti Sanna


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