Importance of dog training

As the saying goes, “If you give love and respect and kindness and curiosity, then your dog will return it too.” So, shower your love on the furry pets by training them well. I must say, a trained dog is a blessing to you and your family.
The recommended age to start training one’s dog is from 6-8 months. It will be quite receptive of the same as well as it will learn to socialize with other dogs/pets and your family members too. This is the age when he gets the second phase of teething (adult teeth start to come in) too and because of which he gets bit cranky and looks for whatever stuff he can chew, to relieve pain. If trained properly and provided with chew toys, it will help in guiding your dog in a better way. An untrained dog ends up having behavioural and trust issues with people around other than it’s owner. In such scenerios, the danger of it biting always hover around the family. Training will prepare the canine to behave well and you can proudly tell it ” a good boy/girl”
Generally, people have this misconception that keeping a trainer will put a hole in their pockets. Infact, anyone who love dogs and has patience and be consistent while training will be able to do the job. There are many videos, blogs and books on how to train them starting from becoming toilet trained to sniffing dogs and watch dogs. “Pet Care” is one such place which makes your job easy. It is one stop shop for all. They take care of boarding, pet accessories, pet health care, training, dog walking, grooming as well pet sitting. The Pet Care even gives you daily report of the dog’s progress and activity. So that you can track them (quite literally with the GPS tracker). Isn’t that amazing ! So book a trainer for your pooch now.
Once trained, you can yourself see a huge difference in his/her behaviour. You will have much more fun playing with it at any given time then. So, a little efforts will help improving your ‘bad boy/girl’ into ” a good tail-wagger”.

Author – Trupti Sanna



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