About Us - Thepetcare


“The  Pet Care” we believe in a safe and happy world where pets get their way every day. This means enabling your pet to live life to its fullest. So even if you’re away, with “The Pet Care” your pet can still play! We believe a pet needs regular exercise inorder to be happy and healthy, so we have designed a range of services to meet the varied needs of dogs only.
We also believe that your pet should be in a “free range”, stress-free environment with one-on-one care, which is why we provide best of kennel fully hygenic with dog grooming and dog walking for every day, due to which your pet will be free of the physical and emotional stren.

We believe finding a reliable, professional pet sitter should be easy. So we match your pet with a professional pet sitter who is a highly experienced animal lover who’s background check in  insured and comes with glowing reviews. We also assign a back-up sitter just in case anything comes up we’ll have your tail covered!


A safe and happy world where pets thrive!


To provide peace of mind and convenience to pet owners nationwide by personally coordinating the most reliable, loving pet professionals right in the neighbourhood.


  • Focused on your pets
  • Excellence in service
  • Trusted by pets and owners
  • Caring, reliable sitters
  • Happy pets!
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