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Animal Communication

Money is a form of energy exchange.

Energy exchange for a consultation is Rs. 1500

Try to prepare a list of questions you would want to ask your animal. Do not ask questions that have a broad spectrum of questions as it can be confusing to interpret, rather give the animal choices. For example, do not ask questions like what food do you like? rather give options like, would you like dry food or rice curry? This way your answers will be more specific and clear.

After communication, most humans have some more questions to the answers provided by the animals, in such cases, I will definitely get back and connect with your animal and convey it back to you until your animal is willing to communicate.

NOTE: The consultation fee/Energy exchange is not per animal but per person. However, all the animals you want me to connect to must be belonging to the same person. So all your furry friends are welcomed for a communication session


Any Communication regarding missing pets/injured stray dogs/rescue or shelter help will Always be Free! However, if you wish to make a donation after your pet is found or your injured animal has recovered with the help of my communication, ou could directly make a donation to @the modern mowgli who runs a non-profit organization for stray/abandoned animals.

A part of proceeds from all the other consultation will also be going to non-profit organizations. For all other consultations, kindly DM me & I shall send you the details of the energy exchange & the procedure

Happy communication!!!

Here's what a consultation can help you with:-

  • Understand behavioural issues ( aggression/hyper-activity/ shyness)
  • Develop a better bond with your animal by conveying messages and thoughts.
  • Discussions about big changes ( adjusting with a new pet/ adjusting with a new baby or family member in the house/ adjusting with a new location/ new family)
  • Discuss the animal's opinion about the health issues
  • Discuss the animal's opinion about euthanasia
  • Find out how your deceased pet is doing
  • Discuss and find out the animal's choice of food
  • Discuss special messages to your family from the animal
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