Dog Training

Are you ready to start training your dog or puppy? Proper training and socialization are among your ​dog’s basic needs.

The first thing a dog needs to learn is the basic discipline and respect that is totally defined by the energy and basic directions the owner gives to his dog. However, a dog that is disciplined needs also a basic training that any owner can offer him as a form of avoiding behavioral problems that he might end up being in.

Keep in mind, the following commands, if appropriately applied by the owner can be very fun for the dog and the owner too as well as will totally make both lives easier and lot more enjoyable.

We provide  dog  training mentioned below:


BEHAVIORAL AND OBEDIENCE TRAINING                            Rs.10000/15 CLASS

Basic Obedience Programs


  • Heel Walk , (Leash manners,)
  • Distance Control (Sit, Getup, Down, Rest, Flat, Roll & Stay )
  • Come when call.
  • Retrieving.
  • Refusal of food.
  • Barking on command