Kong Classic Rubber Treats Dispenser Dog Chew Toy

Kong Classic Rubber Treats Dispenser Dog Chew Toy

Kong Classic Rubber Treats Dispenser Dog Chew Toy

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The Kong Classic dog interactive toy is the gold standard of dog toys and has become the staple interactive toy for dogs around the globe for many decades. This Kong dog toy is a super durable treat dispensing dog toy made from natural rubber materials. Kong Classic dog toy is ideal for average chewers. It can be stuffed with their favorite treats to make the playtime more exciting and keeping them busy for a good amount of time. Your dog will love the bounce and the treats, keeping them healthy and happy.


Treat dispensing toy for dogs
Dog interactive toy
Kong dog toy is suitable for average chewers
Made from natural rubber materials
Stuff with treats to extend playtime
We always recommend supervised play and freshwater by the side
Please replace when you see signs of tear and damage
Recommended Product Size According To The Weight Of the Dog

X-Small Breed Up to 5 lbs/2 kg
Small Breed Up to 20 lbs/9 kg
Medium Breed Up to 15-35 lbs/7-16 kg
Large Breed Up to 30-65 lbs/13-30 kg
X-Large Breed Up to 60-90 lbs/27-41 kg

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