Pedigree Meat & Rice Adult Dog Food

Pedigree Meat & Rice Adult Dog Food

Pedigree Meat & Rice Adult Dog Food

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Pedigree Adult Dog Food (Meat & Rice)

A Wholesome Diet- Pedigree Meat & Rice dog meal is a diet for adult dogs to provide balanced nutrition and strengthen your dog’s immune system.

Apt For All The Breeds- This food is apt for the adult dogs of all the breeds, be it a cute little Pug, a big, bold German Shepherd or a friendly, playful Labrador!

High Quality Ingredients- This meal for dogs is a right mix of cereals, animal protein, soybean, vegetable oil, rice, carrots & peas for healthy and natural growth!

No Artificial Colours & Flavours- Pedigree dog food is produced under highest factory standards and subjected to stringent quality checks. This food contains no artificial colours & flavours.

Palatable Taste- This food has time-tested flavours of the custom dog food recipe and crunchy kibbles that make your pet dog rush towards his meal!

Product Description

See 5 signs of good health in 6 weeks – a pedigree assurance! Keep your pet dog healthy, active & happy!

Pedigree Meat & Rice is a healthy and complete meal for your adult dog, packed with proteins (from meat) & vitamins (from vegetables). Specially-shaped crunchy bits help keep his teeth in top condition (for all those games and tug-of-war!), whole grains & naturally-sourced prebiotic fibers help keep his insides healthy and Omega 6 & vitamin E help keep him looking and feeling his best (no matter how often he rolls around in the mud!). High-quality meat proteins help give him the energy he needs to enjoy a good game of fetch with his favorite ball.

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