Pura Naturals Pet Ear Cleansing System

Pura Naturals Pet Ear Cleansing System

Pura Naturals Pet Ear Cleansing System

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“Pura Naturals Pet Canine Ear Cleansing System was designed with your pet in mind. The kits come with the following:

20 of our Dual-Sided Pura-Tips™ which are made with a medical grade foam that is designed to effectively attract and absorb dirt, oil and grime. The new shape and dual-sided tips allow for exceptional cleaning in tight crevices. They work particularly well for smaller breeds. Pura-Tips™ are designed to gently clean your pet’s ears without doing any damage to the inner ear or ear canal. Made in the USA with pet safe and eco-friendly ingredients.

Ear Cleansing Serum – Our serum is made with organic oils that naturally clean, disinfect, deodorize and protect against painful ear infections. Free of dyes and perfumes for a natural clean.

Shake well. Apply two drops of the serum to the larger side of the Pura-Tip™. Lightly swab around the entire ear without forcing the tip into the canal.
Pura-Tips™ – 20 tips

New double-sided swab allows for cleaning in tight crevices

Sturdy handle won’t break or splinter

No adhesives used in assembly

Safe for pets & the environment

Made in the USA

Serum – 1 fl. oz

USDA Certified Organic

Organic Mullein Oil acts as a natural disinfectant

Organic Witch Hazel is deodorizing

Anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties

Helps prevent ear infections

One Size”

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