Hill's Prescription Diet Urinary Care c/d Canine Dog Food (1.5kg)


Hill's Prescription Diet Urinary Care c/d Canine Dog Food (1.5kg)

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Hill's Prescription Diet Urinary Care c/d Canine Dog Food (1.5kg)

Stabilizes Blood Pressure in Dogs- Hill's Urinary Care is a diet that helps in stabilizing blood pressure as it may leads to many problems.

Reduces Crystal Formation- Improper feeding may leads to the formation of crystals that leads to urinary infection and other diseases, hence this food helps in the reduction of crystal formation.

Bolsters Urinary System Health- This food is clinically balanced and designed especially to support and strengthen urinary system health.

Protects Skin Health- L-Carnitine and Omega 3 fatty acids in this food increases metabolism and protects skin health.

Note: This is a prescription diet and should only be fed under the guidance of a practicing veterinarian

Dosage-Suitable for dogs of all breed and age above 2 months.

Product Description

Your dog's urinary health is both delicate and important to maintain, hence Hill's Urinary Care is a vet prescribed diet that is designed by Hill's nutritionists & veterinarians to support your dog's urinary health and reduce the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stones.

With improper feeding, your pet's urinary system can become cluttered with crystals that cause pain, infection, less frequent urination, and even listlessness and loss of appetite, hence this dog food which is clinically balanced to bolster your pet's urinary system health. Hill's c/d dog food contains nutrients to, reduce crystal formation, stabilize blood pressure in dogs, boost your pet's immune system against urinary tract infection.

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