Areion Vet Nutritional Supplement for Senior Cats & Dogs - Gerisure

Areion Vet Nutritional Supplement for Senior Cats & Dogs - Gerisure

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Joint supplements (chondroprotectives) provides essential ingredients needed to repair cartilage and synovial fluids, and they help prevent inflammation that causes pain and swelling. It has been proven that pet’s don’t always make enough of their own joint repair building blocks, especially when they have arthritis, and it can be helpful to supply these building blocks in the form of chondroprotectives.

Using chemically marked joint supplements (chondroprotectives), research has shown these molecules are absorbed by your pet’s digestive system and delivered to the joints. Inside the joint, the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) rest like bricks in a glistening mortar made of resilient material. Joint supplements affect both the bricks and the mortar. They hold onto water molecules that keep cartilage flexible, and they stimulate the chondrocytes to remove debris and to form new cells.

GERISURE is indicated as a complete nutritional supplement for senior dogs and cats.


  • GERISURE is a complete nutritional supplement for senior dogs and cats that minimizes the impact of most of the factors which leads to diseases and frequent over all health related issues in ageing pets.
  • GERISURE may reduce or eliminate the need for NSAIDS which have possible side effects and do not repair the joints, only reduce pain.
  • GERISURE improves lubrication in your dogs and cats joints.

Recommended Daily Use


  • Upto 10 kgs-10 gms daily
  • Above 10kgs -15 gms daily
  • Above 20kgs – 20gms daily


  • Upto 5 kgs -5gms daily
  • Above 5kgs -7 gms daily

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