Choostix Dental Plus Dog Treat

Choostix Dental Plus Dog Treat
Choostix Dental Plus Dog Treat

Choostix Dental Plus Dog Treat

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Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is important for maintaining good health in them. As dogs tend to chew most of the things they encounter, they are very much vulnerable to bacteria. Choostix Dental Plus Dog Treat 450 gms is a premium quality Rawhide treat having Mint and Parsley which supports good oral hygiene in dogs and gives them a refreshing breath. The chewy texture of the treat gives a good workout to the teeth and eliminates the buildup of Tartar. The treat also fulfils the natural urge of chewing in dogs and keeps them thoroughly engaged. The consistent chewing of the treat stimulates saliva which helps in boosting the digestive mechanism. Choostix Dental Plus Dog Treat can be fed to all dog breeds. 


Key Features:

  • Support healthy gums and teeth.
  • Prevents the build-up of Tartar.
  • Mint and Parsley eliminate bad breath. 
  • Stimulates the jaws of canine 
  • An ideal treat for teething dogs.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds.

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