Farmina Team Breeder Grain Free Top Puppy Dry Food - Free Chicken - 20 kg

Farmina Team Breeder Grain Free Top Puppy Dry Food - Free Chicken - 20 kg
Farmina Team Breeder Grain Free Top Puppy Dry Food - Free Chicken - 20 kg

Farmina Team Breeder Grain Free Top Puppy Dry Food - Free Chicken - 20 kg

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Farmina Team Breeder (Top Chicken) Grain Free Puppy Food

An apt food for Puppies and Gestating mother dogs, Farmina Team Breeder Top Chicken is a wholesome diet having high-quality ingredients like chicken meat and contains essential nutrients for supporting an overall growth and development of puppies. It can also be served to canines who are gestating or nursing.

The diet has an ample amount of protein for improving bone density and to maintain optimal boy functioning. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and is also rich in fibre for facilitating a smooth digestion and a higher nutrient absorption.
br> Calcium and Phosphorus are vital minerals that provides strength to bones and joints. Natural fibre present in this feed maintains ideal weight and help the puppies to assimilate maximum nutrients in the diet.


Highly Palatable-This feed contains delicious and fresh boneless chicken as the primary ingredient that makes it highly palatable even for fussiest eaters.

Provides Bone Strength- This food contains an ample amount of protein content for improving bone density and providing joint strength in puppies.

Contains Calcium & Phosphorous- The feed contains a balanced proportion of calcium and phosphorus for maintenance and reparation of cells and tissues.

Maintains Intestinal Flora- Raw fibre in this food facilitates higher nutrient absorption and a healthy digestion in pups.Farmina is a well-known Italian pet food brand that produces nature’s intended and biologically appropriate diet for pets and is better known as the company specialised in animal nutrition.
The company’s intense research and formulation of food for dogs and cats made it one of the world leaders in the pet industry. The company’s mission is to develop the best natural and scientifically validated nutritional systems for pets, for this they use only first choice raw materials wisely mixed and cooked in their own kitchen with healthy methods and following strict guidelines provided by experts in dogs and cats nutrition who have always dealt with it and know carnivores nutritional needs.

Farmina Says: Nature is our inspiration; Science is our method. Nature and Science in perfect harmony!

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