Naughty Pet 'Little Pups' Puppy Non Veg Biscuits

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Naughty Pet 'Little Pups' Puppy Non Veg Biscuits

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Naughty Pet Little Pups Dog Biscuits have been specially designed to suit the requirement of puppies with the same ol’ fun crunch factor. Prepared from bone meal these flavoured biscuits are fortified with nutrients such as Proteins and fats, and have high content of fibres and moisture locked into them. Proteins aid in strengthening and repairmen of muscles and tissues and boost immunity, whereas Fats are necessary for energy production, and development of nerves and cells. Calcium present in bone meal strengthens teeth and bones. Moisture and Fibres facilitate a proper digestion of food, reduce the risk of colon cancer and keep the weight in check.Buy dog biscuits from ShakeHands the pet store online.

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